Useful Information

Let go and breathe.

Your unique wellness experience awaits you! Before you get ready to join us down at the beach, here are some recommendations to gain the most from Sauna. 

  1. Please bring two towels and warm, loose comfortable clothing. One towel for sitting on and one towel to dry your body with.  Dry clothes and warm hat & robe/coat in the winter months.
  1. Please bring drinking water and snacks, a flask of hot herbal tea is always a welcomed addition to your experience in the colder months. 
  1. If you’re planning a dip in the sea before your sauna session, it is recommended that you arrive 20 minutes so you can dip and be organised before you enjoy the Sauna.  There are buckets of fresh water available to use if you’d prefer not to dook in the sea. We have a small changing area and toilets onsite but suggest you come ready with swimming gear on to get maximum Sauna time.  
  1. Please listen to your body and leave the sauna immediately if you feel dizzy or light headed. If this is your first time in a traditional Finnish sauna 10 minutes at a time is advised. 
  1. Please keep our sauna clean and tidy, wash your feet before entering and strictly no shoes inside. 
  1. When pouring water onto the stones please use fresh water only that will be provided for you in the sauna bucket, pour slowly as the heat can be intense. Small ladles every 3 – 5 mins is advised.  Pouring too much water will result in the water cooling off the rocks quickly, thus reducing the heat in the sauna and having an effect on your experience.   
  1. The fire is not to be touched, please refrain from adjusting any vents or lifting the door of the stove as this can fill the heat room with smoke and make for an unpleasant experience. 
  1. Enjoy yourself …

All people are created equal but no more so than in a Sauna!